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The 2015 Saint Katharine Drexel National Justice Award was awarded to Mission's Chairman and CEO, Carmen Bermudez.
Sister Patricia Sulchaski of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament presented the award, recognizing Carmen for her commitment to charitable organizations, providing opportunities to minorities and women, and for her support of cultural and social equality.
Read more about the award and the March 8 ceremony in Philadephia.
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by Chief Investment Officer, Thomas J. Feeney

Quarterly Commentary 3rd Quarter 2015
October 22, 2015

The vast majority of U.S. stocks began to form a broad, rolling top back in November 2014. Historic price volatility has marked the months since then, as the world’s major central bankers have intervened with verbal or monetary support whenever market prices threatened an uncomfortable decline. Slowing economic fundamentals, however, limited subsequent rallies to the … Continue reading

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Established in 1994, Mission Management & Trust Co. is an independent trust company licensed, regulated, and examined by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. Mission was founded with a three-pronged set of objectives:

  • lead the field as a top quality trust company
  • promote increased opportunities for women and minorities
  • contribute a meaningful portion of all revenues to charitable projects

Mission has accomplished these objectives and continues to offer extraordinary trust and investment services to both a local and national clientele.

Consider Mission if:

  • You wish to secure your financial future with all-weather investment strategies, ones with proven track records of protecting value during down markets and growing value when it’s safer to invest
  • You need a professional, yet compassionate, corporate trustee for a family trust or foundation
  • Your organization needs financial management that will honor your fiduciary responsibilities and provide long-term growth of assets
  • Your institution needs reliable, flexible, custom-tailored securities custody service
  • You have opportunities to invest in non-traditional assets in your IRA and need a custodian to handle the assets

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