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Christina Noz was recently featured in the University of Arizona Alumni magazine, and recognized for her ongoing contributions to the University.  Ms. Noz graduated from the UA’s James E. Rogers College of Law in 2008.  She joined Mission in 2010 and leads our Trust Administration group as Vice President.  Her continuing support to the University includes serving on the Finance Committee of the Advisory Board of Arizona Public Media and contributing to Arizona Assurance, a scholarship fund that provides assistance to current UA students.  Mission celebrates her contributions to the University and Tucson communities. Continue reading...

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by Chief Investment Officer, Thomas J. Feeney

Rein In the Fed
July 31, 2019

Would you borrow from your children to solve personal financial problems if you had no realistic way ever to repay them? If you knew it would leave them financially weakened and less able to live as well as you do now? We as a society are doing exactly that to our children as we allow … Continue reading

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Established in 1994, Mission Management & Trust Co. is an independent trust company licensed, regulated, and examined by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions. Mission was founded with a three-pronged set of objectives:

      • promote increased opportunities for women and minorities
      • contribute a meaningful portion of all revenues to charitable projects
      • lead the field as a top quality trust company

Mission has accomplished these objectives and continues to offer extraordinary trust and investment services to both a local and national clientele.

Consider Mission if:

    • You wish to secure your financial future with all-weather investment strategies, ones with proven track records of protecting value during down markets and growing value when it’s safer to invest
    • You need a professional, yet compassionate, corporate trustee for a personal trust, family trust, Third Party Special Needs Trust or foundation
    • Your organization needs financial management that will honor your fiduciary responsibilities and provide long-term growth of assets
    • Your institution needs reliable, flexible, custom-tailored securities custody service
    • You have opportunities to invest in non-traditional assets in your IRA and need a custodian to handle the assets

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