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Some things in your life are simply more important than your finances. First and foremost—living. But let’s be clear—no one has more reverence for the critical role that money management plays in pursuing one’s dreams than we do. It’s at the heart of our business. At the same time, we recognize that dealing with financial issues cost most people precious time. And it slowly chips away at the contentment they’ve been striving a lifetime to achieve.

Nothing erodes financial serenity like the fear of losing what has taken you a lifetime to build. That’s why Mission’s primary investment objective is the preservation of your capital.

That objective reflects in our Controlled-Risk Flexible Allocation Strategy. Designed to be flexible, the strategy adjusts to changing markets, changing risks of loss, and changing economic conditions. The strategy allows clients to stay committed to an investment program while still preserving value when markets present higher risks.

Mission accomplished—this flexible approach averted the disastrous loss of wealth experienced by most traditional investment portfolios during the bear markets of the last decade.





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