Controlled-Risk Flexible Allocation Portfolios, employed by the majority of our clients, incorporate the full spectrum of Mission’s equity investment process plus all aspects of our loss control disciplines. While equity oriented, these portfolios at times make ample use of fixed income investments to protect against potential losses. The level of equities may range from minimal to fully invested depending upon the relative amounts of value and risk in the stock market. Our Controlled-Risk portfolios’ assets are protected by a three-part loss-control system, including, at client discretion, a safety net designed to keep the portfolio from declining below each client’s predetermined level.

Value Equity Portfolios are managed in our highly quantitative, value-based style. The portfolios are kept virtually fully invested in undervalued equity securities. Cash positions may exist temporarily in these accounts between investments.

Flexible-Duration Fixed Income Portfolios employ our value-based, formularized process that utilizes at different times short, intermediate and long maturity bonds and notes. The portfolios are exposed to virtually no credit risk, and market risk is reduced by shortening portfolio maturities in rising interest rate environments.

Cash Management Portfolios stress preservation of principal through the use of only the highest quality government and corporate instruments. Scheduling maturities to take maximum advantage of the short end of the yield curve provides attractive returns. Our cash portfolios have outperformed relevant benchmarks almost every quarter since inception.

Balanced Portfolios honor the client’s asset allocation guidelines while combining the techniques of our equity, fixed and cash management portfolios in the appropriate proportions. In all cases, the portfolios are managed with specific attention to a client’s individual goals and objectives. In structuring the portfolios, we always take into account any client-directed restrictions, including socially responsible screening.





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