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The name Mission has many meanings. Literally, it evokes Mission San Xavier, a revered Tucson-area landmark and symbol of an Arizona Native American culture’s strength and faith under challenging circumstances. From a business perspective, Mission represents the fulfillment of the founders’ dream: offering opportunities to women and minorities in a field traditionally viewed as “off limits” to them.

To clients, staff and the public, Mission means a commitment to two complementary goals: financial and social responsibility.

Mission’s story is one of perseverance and persistence, integrity and inclusion, consummate ethics and empathy, beginning with Chairman and CEO Carmen Bermúdez, who successfully overcame daunting disadvantages to establish the first nationally oriented, woman- and minority-owned trust company in the U.S. In doing so, she has earned worldwide acclaim as an inspirational entrepreneur.

Well into its second decade, Mission continues to break through seemingly impenetrable barriers, including undertaking an extensive reworking of its systems to achieve compliance with new global standards for reporting performance, and competing for and gaining national clients—such as Office Depot and the Avon Foundation— some might have believed were unattainable.

Fortunately, this Mission is still evolving.





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