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Securities Custody

Are you an individual or an institution looking for securities custody?

Mission has been providing securities custody services to for-profit and non-profit institutions, and private investors since 1994. Mission offers the highest level of security for assets. Through its connection with U.S. Bank, Mission has an automatic interface with all major depositories. Being part of this sophisticated securities trading and settlement network enables Mission to process any securities related activity, trade settlement, income collection, or corporate action in an accurate and timely manner.

Mission’s Securities Custody Services:

Mission offers a full range of services relating to both domestic and global securities custody, including sub-accounting, short-term investment vehicles, online access to portfolio information, and securities lending. Some of our core domestic custody capabilities include:

  • Physical safekeeping of securities
  • Collection of interest and dividends
  • Daily cash sweep
  • Collection of investment proceeds
  • Disbursements
  • Trade settlements
  • Unitized accounting
  • Broker commission tracking
  • Processing of class actions
  • Notification of corporate actions
  • Proxy information
  • Customized monthly statements
  • Market pricing of securities
  • Performance measurement
  • Amortization and accretion accounting

Mission utilizes SunGard for trust and custody accounting and reporting systems. SunGard’s “Charlotte” system is a multi-purpose trust accounting system, currently in use by dozens of trust operations across the country. One of the three largest trust system providers in the country, SunGard fully supports all software maintenance and product enhancements.

For each of the services listed above, Mission can provide you with a detailed explanation of how we would service your relationship and the options available to you as a client.

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