Trust Administration Team
Pictured above L to R: Christina Noz, Vice President; Pam Reisinger, Trust Associate;
Leah Geistfeld, Trust Officer; Cynthia Wahlin, Trust Officer

You have taken the time to carefully consider your estate planning, both the whys and the hows. How you want assets to be managed. Who the beneficiaries will be. The circumstances and requirements under which distributions will be made. Why a portion of your estate is designated for that charitable organization that helped your family when once in need. How you wish your financial affairs to be handled in the event of incapacity.

The Mission team understands that in administering trusts, why and how matter. We make it our priority to get to know your family, your circumstances and the important factors in the terms of your trust. We’ll seek clarity on your intentions and will administer your trust consistent with the terms of the trust and your objectives, as well as applicable trust law.

As Tucson’s only independently owned trust company, Mission offers a personal touch, avoiding the big institution, inflexible, do-things-on-our-terms-only mentality. All decisions will be made locally by experienced, caring professionals who understand the whys and hows. You and your family will always find a real person on the telephone. You can meet and really get to know your trust administrator—before you really need one. We may be old-fashioned, but relationships are important. We run our business caring for individuals, families and their estates with people making sound decisions based on experience, prudence, good communication and doing the right thing. Knowing that why and how matter.

Let us know if you would like to visit with a trust professional to become more familiar with our whys and hows of trust administration. Follow the link below to learn more about why you should consider naming Mission, as a corporate trustee in your estate planning documents.


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